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• 2/14/2019

Takashi x Saya and Takashi x Shizuka

Ever since the anime stopped, I was hoping to see Takashi increase his relationship with Saya and Shizuka sharing moments with them like he did with Rei and Saeko. Actually, I been increasingly supporting TakashixSaya, Sayashi, and would like Saya to be the first girl to officially be with Takashi before the others.

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• 6/13/2018

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• 8/30/2017

why is saeko turned on by killing the undead?

i mean C'mon they really didn't need to make her character more creepy.
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• 8/7/2017

HOTD Comeback?

Been hearing rumors that HOTD may have a comeback due to the author's relative to take over, is this true or anything like it true?
Any way for us the fans to get the series back?
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• 7/11/2017

Are the girls that are accompanying Takashi maidens or not?

I want to know because Takashi has a few girls interested in him around the story and it look like there more than a few chances for him to start something with any of these girls.
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• 2/26/2017

Rei and Takashi Shipping

so we see that Rei and Takashi loved each other in H.O.T.D.
so my opinion is that Rei and Takashi that they should be together, 
help each other fight other Zombies and Bad Guys, 
Rescue each other when they are in trouble 
and Love each other. 
so what does your Opinion think of Rei x Takashi Shipping?
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• 1/20/2017

The sniper couple of issue 30

It´s never officialy mentioned but I always had the hint that the two snipers that appear in the last issue were Rei´s father and Takashi´s mother.
Does someone agree with me?
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• 10/4/2016

Anime and Manga

Anyone know how to switch between anime and manga images in the characters infobox?
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• 8/14/2016


they is still virgin??
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• 7/30/2016

When's the next chapter?

It's been years since the last chapter came out.  When will they release the latest one?  And if they do release it, how do you think they're gonna end it?
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• 5/17/2016

why has H.O.T.D anime and manga stooped?

so is that it huh, you've really given up of this manga haven't you Daisuke. it's unfortunate, i really wanted to see an ending to this.
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• 5/12/2016

Is Rei in love with Mrs.Shizuka?

All I know is that when I saw the bathtub scene where she grab Mrs Shizuka's breasts and the rei hugged her that she cares about her and that got me wondered if Rei loved Mrs.Shizuka? If that happen man that turns me around cause those two would've been a great couple in the apocalypse.
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• 1/9/2015
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• 11/29/2014

More episodes?

Are there more episodes?
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• 5/27/2014

Saeko- Why is she so popular?

Tell me, why is she like everyones favorite character? Why do you like her?
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• 5/27/2014

Word on the manga being continued soon?

Last year in April, the hiatus on the manga was lifted.....then they forsaken it again. I was just wondering if anyone has heard any news or word from the creators if they are thinking of continuing in anytime soon, either that or just a rumor with some evidence provided that may be true would be nice. Just something to take my damn mind off knowing that I can't find any signs of it being continued.
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• 5/25/2014

Rei Miyamoto

Am I the only one who really likes her? Everyone is bitching about how she goes after Takashi and is always whining but I think she is a nice girl. She is also probably the most realistic character. she is a teenager who gets tossed into a zombie-apocalypse, does not know if her parents are alive and saw her boyfriend die and getting killed by her best friend from childhood. Others went through this, too but i think it's just realistic that she gets hysterical and bitchy a lot. also that she goes after Takashi might not be that nice after such a short amount of time but in a time like this everyone would try to seek for some comfort and love. I really think she is a good character who has nothing bad in mind. Also I like her and Saeko equally, for both character and appearance
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• 4/14/2014

This manga should be given to another writer.

Well updates are no existant, the story is at a halt. If the writer has too many projects to be able to even give an update a year, then he should let someone else do it. We want to read more, we want the story to progress, so give us a new writer.
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• 4/12/2014

They should be loosing weight!

It just seems logical to me. They are not having regular meals and generally less to eat, they are doing much more exercise, (mainly walking but also fighting). While some of them are in better condition than the others, there should be signs of physical changes in our group. Hirano and Shizuka should see the biggest change as their cloths will becoming looser (could be fun). All the girls should see some difference (a smaller bust size, a bit off the hips) and even Takashi may loose a size (but be gaining some muscule). Alice, assuming she was already an active child, would see little difference.
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• 3/27/2014

High school of the dead season 2

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