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• 5/27/2014

Word on the manga being continued soon?

Last year in April, the hiatus on the manga was lifted.....then they forsaken it again. I was just wondering if anyone has heard any news or word from the creators if they are thinking of continuing in anytime soon, either that or just a rumor with some evidence provided that may be true would be nice. Just something to take my damn mind off knowing that I can't find any signs of it being continued.

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• 5/28/2014

Well since April last year no big new news were heard or everything else.... I thing we need to wait until Triage X is done and then it could be that the two come together and continue, but to be honest i have not really big hopes :/ i don't know why but i don't see it good :/ Hard to tell.. (sry for my bad english xDD im not english or american xD)

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