The East Police Station is part of the Tokonosu City Police Department. It is where Tadashi Miyamoto and Kato works.


The Armory is located on the first floor of the station. The evidence room and the Special Investigation Force room is on the third floor. The communications office is on the top floor. Tadashi Miyamoto is an Assistant Inspector and Chief of  the Public Safety Division.


The group make it to the station to find Rei's father only to find the station abandoned. The group make their way to the armory and break in only to find that it has been cleaned out. They also find several officers had become Them, including Officer Kato. They head to the evidence room and encounter an undead SIF officer who they aquire a SMG and handgun from. They break in to the evidence room and aquire more ammo and guns. In the communications office they find a computer with a J-Alert been issued to evacute Tokonosu. In the Public Safety office they find a note stating where the evacutuation site is and then leave the police station to get to Rei's house.

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