The electric drill is a battery-operated, handheld power drill found by Saya Takagi in the Arts and Crafts classroom at Fujimi Academy. Saya only uses it briefly at the school, but it is later used at the police station to break the lock on a door.


"Drills work pretty well against zombies. Giant robots with drills can bring each other down. Can also make holes, and makes an effective projectile." - Daisuke Sato

The electric drill is a better tool than a weapon. It's short reach makes it ineffective for fighting, but in a pinch, it is more than capable of fighting off an undead assaliant. It requires batteries to work, and once the power goes out, it has to be used manually.


In the story, Saya and Kohta were fighting a medium sized group of infected. However, Kohta is unable to deal with all of them and one sneaks behind Saya, who desperately looks for anything to defend herself with. She finds the drill and kills it.

Afterwards, it is used in the police station to break the lock on one of the doors. However, due to the EMP blast, it is required to be used manually because the electric components are destroyed

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