DEAD storm rising is the eleventh episode of the Highschool of the Dead anime series. As Takashi and Rei prepare to leave, Shido and his group arrive but are turned away after he has a conflict with Rei.


Shido is seen on the bus preaching to his followers that they are free of the "taint" and are the future. The bus sets out for the Takagi Estate. Saya, Kohta, and Takashi are attempting to talk to the unruly people in a tent at the estate. The people think Souichiro is lying and that "they" can be cured. Saya eventually gives up. Saeko is seen sitting with Souichiro. He gives her a very rare katana, saying it is to repay her father for teaching him. Takashi and Rei are sitting together on a bed. Takashi is doubting his position in the group, and Rei makes him feel better, saying she wants to be with him and would do anything for him. The two start to kiss, but Rei's injuries start hurting so she leaves. She sees Saeko in the hall and asks her to talk to Takashi. Rei and Takashi are preparing to leave and Saeko decides to join them. Shido then shows up at the house, thinking about how his father was a corrupt politician who made him hold back Rei to get back at her father. Rei sees him and runs over to him, sticking her bayonet in his face. She decides not to kill him, and Shido and his group are then banned from the Takagi Estate. A scene is shown with two U.S. Navy officers aboard the US submarine USS Alabama, who get an order to fire their nuclear missiles from the president. Later, the explosions are seen by astronauts on a space station, who state that Armageddon has begun.

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