The FN Browning M1910 is a semi-automatic pistol owned by Yuriko Takagi. She uses it in combination with her CZE Vz83.


The FN Browning M1910 is a blowback operated semi-automatic handgun was designed by John Browning. It was produced in Europe by FN only. It has a 6 round magazine for .380 ACP or a 7 round magazine in .32 ACP. It was made from 1910 to 1983.


Yuriko Takagi kept an M1910 in a leg holster at all times. Four FN Browning M1910s are found at the East Police Station's evidence room. Kohta takes them, stating he wants the group "to be able to control their fates". Kohta later gives one to Rei's mother but states that there is no extra ammo for it.