Hide (秀, Hide) is a young survivor of the Outbreak who tries to pass through the police blockade on Onbetsu Bridge. He and his friends attend a different high school than the main characters.


Hide has grayish black hair, brown eyes and freckles under his eyes. He also wears a necklace and earrings.


Hide attended a high school separate from Fujimi Academy. He and two of his female friends played at an arcade. Hide was also shown to be a smoker.


Hide appears to be rude, as shown when he was talking to the evacuators. Additionally, at the end of chapter 7 of the manga, he was seen smoking.


Wielding a bat, Hide, his presumed girlfriend, Tate, and another, raven-haired girl breach the initial barricade on Onbetsu bridge. Believing the crisis has given him the right to do whatever he wants, Hide taunts the riot police on the second barricade, who respond by telling him to turn back. When he does not comply, the police blast him, Tate, and then the girls off the bridge with a water cannon. It is unknown if any of them survived.


  • In the manga and anime versions of the series, the order in which Hide and his gang get blasted off the bridge differs. In the manga, Hide and the other boy who was with him got shot down, followed by the two girls. In the anime, however, though Hide still gets blasted down first, it is the black-haired girl who was with him that falls instead of the other boy, who gets blasted along with the blonde-haired girl shortly there after.
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