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Highschool of the Dead News

  • H.O.T.D. Manga Hiatus Ended - On April 9th, the first chapter of the H.O.T.D Manga was released in over two years, effectively ending the hiatus.
  • Act. 31 release date uncertain - Along with the release of the latest chapter of the Manga there was a statement at the bottom of the pages stating that the chapter was a "Special Publication" leaving the next release date "Determined". Source
  • H.O.T.D. Color Omnibus - Yen Press will be publishing their English-translated version of the Full Color Edition volumes in a single, hardcover volume in full color. This "deluxe hardcover edition" will be released November 22, 2011. You can pre-order the Color Omnibus from Amazon here.
  • DEAD Illusion Full Color Chapter - The full color version of extra episode 03 DEAD Illusion has been scanlated and released on Scans of the Dead by Turambar1.
  • Complete Collection on Blu-Ray and DVD - The English dubbed anime episodes of Highschool of the Dead are being released on Blu-ray and DVD in the Complete Collection which includes all twelve episodes. The Complete Collection will be released on June 28, 2011. You can pre-order the BD from Amazon here and the DVD here.

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Latest Manga Chapter

Act.30 Intellect, Emotion, and DEAD

Latest Anime Episode

Act.♂♀ Drifters of the DEAD

Takashi and the others find their way to a deserted island sometime after leaving the Takagi Estate. Hysteria ensues when they accidentally inhale burning hydrangea leaves and begin to hallucinate. The next morning, they find a cave which leads them back to the Tokonosu City mainland.

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