The HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) M1025, or Humvee, is a military light armored utility vehicle which is owned by Rika Minami.


The Humvee was owned and used by Rika Minami, who works for the Special Assault Team.


The Humvee is driven by Shizuka Marikawa as she and the rest of the group escape from Rika's house, and it serves as their primary means of transportation until they reach the Takagi Estate. In the Manga, the EMP disables the Humvee due to lack of anti-EMP measures (due to lack of funding).


  • The HMMWV M1025 used in the series is equipped with a deep water fording kit that allows it to be submerged up to 60 inches in water.
  • In the Anime, the Humvee is triple copper plated and therefore EMP proof, but after the credits it is last seen in a heavily damaged state, leaving the group to travel by foot until they reached the shopping mall.
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