Kato (加藤, Katō) was a police officer with the Tokonosu East Police Station.


Kato wears the standard police uniform along with a white dress shirt and black tie. He has a large figure and wears glasses.


Nothing is known about Kato's history except that Rei and her family seem to have known him for a long time. When he got bitten during the Outbreak, he apparently became aware of his fate and tried to kill himself with his gun. He sucumbed to the infection too quickly and became one of Them.


Nothing is known about Kato's personality, although the fact that he tried to commit suicide before his change shows that he was apparently an intelligent, or at least competent officer.


He was found wandering the precinct as the daughter of officer Tadashi Miyamoto, Rei, had come looking for her father and weapons with her friends. She quickly recognized him, and they could tell he had tried to take his own life. He was soon put down by Saeko Busujima with her katana.

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