Kazu Ishii (石井カズ, Ishii Kazu) is a second-year student at Fujimi Academy and the friend of Okada . He attempts to help Shizuka Marikawa escape during the Outbreak.


An assistant of Shizuka Marikawa, he helped her try to heal the students that had been bitten by Them. When a hoard of Them broke through the windows, Kazu was bitten and then was killed out of mercy by Saeko Busujima.


He was a rather tall student with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was seen wearing blue, round-framed glasses until his death.


Before the Outbreak, Kazu was a normal student at Fujimi Academy in class 1-B. He aided the school nurse Shizuka Marikawa with several menial tasks such as carrying her medical supplies while she carried his notebook.


During the brief moment he was shown, Kazu was portrayed as a very nervous person. However, he showed signs of bravery when he attempted to defend Shizuka and told her to run when he was bitten. He also consented almost immediately when Saeko asked if he would allow her to kill him.


Kazu is first seen in the nurse's office with Shizuka, beating down his friend Okada while begging for forgiveness. When Shizuka comments on how this reminds her of an old horror film, Kazu tells her to hurry and gather all the supplies she can so they can escape. Suddenly another group of Them breaks in and bites Kazu's arm as he tells Shizuka to run. Shizuka asks for his name as he falls to the ground and is swarmed by Them. Saeko Busujima then kills all of Them, saving Shizuka and sparing Kazu from being turned immediately. She places a hand on his shoulder then introduces herself. After asking his name, she tells him that he knows what happens when they get bitten and asks Kazu if he wants to die so his family and friends won't have to see him as one of Them. He consents fairly quickly, and Saeko smashes his skull and kills him.

Later, in the manga only, during a talk between Saeko and Saya Takagi at the latter's estate, the former brings up her part in Kazu's suicide, saying that even though it was assisted suicide, no child should ever have to go through it.

Killed Victims

When Kazu and Okada were trying to escape, he was possibly bitten by one of "them". He died than came back as one of "them", Kazu was then forced to kill him while he begs Okada to forgive him as he smashed his head with an IV stand.
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