Kurokami (黒上, Kurokami) is a student at Fujimi Academy and one of Koichi Shido's followers.


A cowardly young man, Kurokami has an eerie atmosphere around him, which was shown even before joining with Shido's group. He wanted to find someplace to hide for a while before Shido nominated himself as leader, giving Kurokami and the rest of Shido's students hope.


Kurokami's anime appearance

Kurokami has long black hair that grows over his eyes. He does not wear the black uniform jacket over a long-sleeved white shirt. Unlike most students with these shirts, he wears his untucked. His most unique features are his dialated eyes, which they were like even before being corrupted by Shido.


Nothing is known about Kurokami's past, though it was heavily implied by Kohta Hirano that he was one of the many students in Shido's class that bullied him when he shot (but not killed) the teacher.


Not much is known about his personality except that he is very loyal to Shido. He is shown to be timid when Kohta almost accidently shot him on the bus.


Kurokami is first seen running on to the bus with the rest of Shido's group. After driving for a while, Kurokami agrees with Tsunoda that it would have been easier to just find a safe place at the school and wait rather than go into the city. When Shido asks everyone who believes that he deserves to be leader, Kurokami and the rest of Shido's group immediately give their approval.

He is later seen being inticed by Shido's words and is easily frightened when Kohta Hirano fires a nail at Shido and almost unintentionally hits him.

Kurokami was later shown acting as a spy for Shido at the Takagi estate relaying information to Shido about the morale of the people there so Shido can more easily manipulate the rest of his followers. His fate after "they" break into the estate is unknown as he was not seen leaving with the rest of the followers after Soichiro ordered them out.


  • In the manga, Shido gave this character's name as Kurokami. However, in the credits of the anime in the episodes he has lines in, his name is given as Maruyama. The reason behind the inconsistency with his name is unknown.
  • His name "kuro" means "black" and "kami" means "god" meaning his name is translated to "black god".
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