Kyoko Hayashi (林京子, Hayashi Kyōko) was a teacher at Fujimi High School. She was one of the first people to get bitten when "they" entered the school.


Kyoko was the 30 year old Fujimi High School ping pong club's adviser who was single and she seemed to be unsatisfied with her life.


Kyoko's anime appearance

Kyoko had light brown eyes with glasses, reddish-brown hair which she kept in a loose ponytail with long strands hanging down in front of each ear, and a full figure with large breasts.


Little is known about Kyoko's personality. In Imamura's report, he says that she "gives off this aura like she's unsatisfied with her life."


Kyoko was seen in a bar with with her arm around Teshima, suggesting that they shared a relationship outside of work. She was quite strict while teaching her classes.


Kyoko is first seen when she goes to the front gate of the high school with three other teachers to investigate a strange man. One of the other teachers with her, Teshima, goes to the gate and grabs the man, trying to get him to leave. The man is actually one of "them" and bites Teshima, taking a large piece of flesh from his arm. When Teshima dies, Kyoko wonders how he could die from those wounds. Teshima turns into one of them, and she is relieved, thinking he is alive. However, Teshima then grabs her and bites her on the neck, which means that it also turned her into one of them.


  • The name Kyoko means "capital" (京) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Hayashi means "forest" (林).
  • Kyoko can be seen as an undead on the back of Volume 1.
  • Kyoko is the second person to become one of "them" in the academy and she is also the first female version of "them" to be seen.
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