The M92 Vertec is a Double/Single action handgun with an integral accessory rail used by the police and military as a secondary weaponry. It was found by Kohta Hirano at the police station and given to Saeko Busujima to use as a sidearm.


The M92 Vertec is a variant of the Beretta 92FS line of handguns. Released in 2003, it differs from a general 92FS because it has a vertical grip, a short-reach trigger, thinner grip panels, integral accessory rail, removable front sight, and a beveled magazine well. Chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, it usually comes with a standard 15 round magazine, or an optional 10/17/33 round magazine can be used instead.


The Pistol was found in the police station on the body of a undead S.A.T officer that Saeko had killed along with the MP5SFK. The Pistol was given to Saeko by Kohta Hirano and at first she did not want to accept it because she lacks the knowledge and skills of how to use it. Hirano, however, insists with the promise to teach her how to use it later when they have more time. It is currently in a leg holster on Saeko's right leg and has never been used as Kohta still has not shown Saeko how to use it. 

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