The MP5SFK, or simply MP5, is a sub-machine gun found by Kohta Hirano in the East Police Station. It is later used by Saya Takagi.


This MP5 has several features on it

  • Dot Sight Scope
  • Supressor
  • Sunfire 628 Weaponlight
  • UMP Folding Stock
  • Standard Curve Magazine
  • 0-1 Trigger Group


The MP5SFK is found been carried by a zombified SWAT officer along with the M92 Vertec. After Saeko kills him Hirano jumps with joy that they have it. It is stated by Kohta this is a silenced submachine gun with only a semi-automatic firing mode. He gives it to Saya because she wishes to fight like him and because the gun has a small recoil she shouldn't have any problem to learn how to fire it. She asks Kohta to hold her Luger meanwhile. Saya fires it the first time while defending Alice from one of 'them'. At first, she tries to use the dot sight but remembers the EMP wiped it out. She then shoots it using the iron sights five times, one shot going through the chest of one of 'them', the second hitting it's waist, third missing its head completely and the last one hitting the right shoulder. Angry because of the results, she lays chest down on the floor and shoots it in the head, eliminating it, while Kohta cheers her on.


  • Real world - The MP5SFK is the single-fire carbine version of the MP5 sub-machine gun, used by many law enforcement institution around the world where a better firepower than common service pistol is required but with concerns that fully-automatic firearm would result in uncontrolability.