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Matsudo (松戸, Matsudo) is a mechanic who works at the Takagi mansion. He is responsible for providing the group with the ATV in the manga and repairing the Humvee in the anime.


Matsudo is a mechanic and handyman who works for the Takagis. It is unknown exactly how long he has worked for them, but he has at least been working at the Takagi house since Saya was a small child. When Saya was young, he played with her, and he seems to have a very close relationship with her. There is a woman he loves at the Takagi house, but her identity has yet to be revealed.


Matsudo is short and slightly overweight. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He wears a yellow shirt that say's Max on it, an open blue jacket, a white vest, blue pants, brown shoes, and a red scarf around his neck.


All that is known about Matsudo's history is that he started working at the Takagi house no later than when Saya was a small child.


Matsudo is usually very easygoing and cheerful, even in dangerous situations. When "they" break in to the Takagi estate, he maintains his smile and generally optimistic attitude as he says goodbye to Saya.


Matsudo is first seen when Saya and Kohta are talking in the garage at the Takagi house. He enters and, seeing Kohta holding the shotgun, tells him that kids shouldn't be playing with guns. Saya angrily asks if that is all he wanted to say. He bows to her, saying he will go help finish the repairs on the Humvee, and leaves the garage. Later on "Them" break into the estate and Matsudo then smiles before going off to fight. It is implied and most certain that he died after being overpowered by "them." Although he may have had a small chance to survive and may have rendezvoused with Saya's parents and the other survivors from the Takagi Estate.


  • In the English Volume 4 Act 15 release, he states the that the woman he loves is with "them", meaning Takashi's group. This heavily implies that he is, in fact, in love with Saya as he bows to her and wishes her well.