Matsushima (松島, Matsushima) was a police officer with the Tokonosu Higashi Police Station. She is Asami Nakaoka's superior officer as well as the officer formerly in charge of the survivors at the mall.


Matsushima's anime appearance

Matsushima is a veteran police officer of Tokonosu Higashi Police Station. She was the officer in charge of the survivors at Taiei Shopping Town before she left to seek help. Before she left the mall, she was able to secure a sturdy barricade on the entrance as well as establish rules and order. Asami Nakaoka, her subordinate, looks up to her with great respect and was devestated when she that saw Matsushima had become one of "them".


Matsushima has short, black hair and light blue eyes. She wears the standard female uniform of the Tokonosu Police Department, which consists of a white shirt, black tie, blue skirt and jacket, and a green armband with white stripes. She is usually seen as one of "them" and missing a large piece of flesh from the back of her right leg.


Nothing is known of Matsushima's history other than she has earned honors as a veteran police officer at the Tokonosu station.


Nothing is known about Matsushima's personality except that she had the ability to organize the group of survivors in the mall and keep them in line until she left. A photo of her at the end of volume 5 shows that she was somewhat strict with her junior, Asami.


Just before the group arrived at the mall, Matsushima left to seek help at the police station. (In the anime, she passes near the group as they walk towards the mall.) Before she is able to leave the general area of the mall, she is bitten and turns into one of "them". She is later seen through a window of the mall by Asami, who then loses hope when she sees that Matsushima has died.


  • In episode 12 of the anime, Matsushima is briefly seen walking in front of the bulletin board in front of Taiei Shopping Town.
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