The metal bat is a baseball bat belonging to the Fujimi Academy baseball team that Takashi Komuro uses during the initial outbreak at the school. Hisashi Igou also briefly uses it.


"It is metal. It is a bat. It gets the job done." - Daisuke Sato

The bat is one of the first weapons found in the series. It is strong enough to break an undead skull, but it is incapable of fighting large groups of infected. It is a blunt weapon, so it has to be aimed on the infected's head to kill it.


The metal bat is found when Hisashi finds a group of tools that can improvise as weapons. Hisashi gives Takashi the bat, claiming that his black belt will keep him alive. However, because Hisashi fights unarmed, he is bitten by a zombie.

When Rei, Takashi, and Hisashi take shelter on the roof, Takashi uses the bat to defend himself numerous times, and Hisashi uses it to defend Rei once. Shortly after getting on the roof, Takashi is forced to kill Hisashi using the bat.

Later, Takashi uses it once more to fend off of Them when he meets up with Saeko, Shizuka, Kohta, and Saya. He also uses it when he and his group flees from the school.

When Takashi goes to the gas station, he uses the bat to destroy the cashier and gets the money out of it. After destroying the cashier, Takashi throws the bat away in his encounter with the thug, attracting the attention of every nearby "Them" to the gas station, who proceeded to devour the thug after Takashi shot him in the shoulder and left with Rei on the motorbike.