Misuzu Ichijou (一条美鈴, Ichijō Misuzu) is a student at Fujimi High School and is best friends with Toshimi Niki. She is also in Morita's Report.


Misuzu is very close friends with Toshimi Niki, and the two are rarely apart from one another.


Misuzu has black hair (brown in the anime) which is tied in a bun and wears the standard female uniform of Fujimi High School. Her bust is noticably smaller compared to her friend, Toshimi.


Nothing is known about Misuzu's history except that she and Toshimi have apparently been good friends for a long time.


Misuzu appears to be loyal to her best friend Toshimi, but she did not hesitate to abandon Toshimi to save herself when they are attacked by "them".



Misuzu is attacked by "them".

During the outbreak at the school, Misuzu is seen running down the hallway and holding Toshimi's hand as the two try to escape. They are attacked by a group of "them", and Toshimi is grabbed and bitten but doesn't let go of Misuzu's hand. Misuzu tells her to let go and kicks her away, but she is then grabbed by some of "them" from behind and is killed.


  • In the colored version of the manga, Misuzu was portrayed with black hair while Toshimi had brown hair. In the anime, the hair colors were reversed so that Misuzu had the brown hair and Toshimi had the black hair. Whether or not this was a coloring error is unknown. Also, though they are brown in both the manga and anime, Misuzu's eyes are a darker shade in the anime.
  • Misuzu is one of the only two female characters to have a noticably small bust compared to the rest of the females in HOTD universe, the other one being Asami Nakaoka.
  • In "Extra Episode 3 Dead Illusion", she is seen as one of "them" along with a zombified Morita and another zombified student.