Morita (森田, Morita) was a student at Fujimi High School and is good friends with Takashi Komuro.


Assumed to be a good friend of Takashi Komuro. Morita and his gang hang out on top of the roof of their high school. He plays guitar and is interested in starting a band that he hopes will attract a lot of girls. Because of this, Morita has created a list of the hottest girls in school. He calls the book "Master Morita's Top Secret List of Fujimi Academy's Triple-A Grade Hot Girls."


Infected Morita

Morita as one of "Them".

Morita has blonde hair that is spiked in the middle and has light-green eyes. Like Takashi and Imamura, he wears his gakuran jacket open which exposes a green-checkered sweatshirt with the collar bent downwards.


Morita's history has not been revealed.


Morita is seen to be a somewhat free spirited and energetic person. It can also be said that Morita has a perverted side but is hopeless when it comes to girls, this is shown when he tries to talk to Saya.


Morita's current status is that he has turned into one of "them" as Takashi identifies Morita's body among the crowd of "them" early in the manga, and after the third extra chapter Morita's is shown again wandering about the school, carrying a guitar in one hand. During that chapter he also introduces "Morita's Report" which is a list of the girls he finds attractive at the school. Ranked from highest to lowest, they are:

  1. Saeko Busujima - Morita wishes to see her wearing nothing but an apron and a thong, which eventually happens to Takashi in a future episode.
  2. Yuuki Miku - She is later shown on the bus with Koichi Shido.
  3. Misuzu Ichijou and Toshimi Niki - They are assumed to be good friends, as they talk at the same time.
  4. Saya Takagi - Morita has asked her out before three times. Although he was rejected each time, he said he would keep trying.


  • Morita never made an appearence in the anime adaptation. The role he played at the start of the manga was replaced with Saya in the anime.
  • When Takashi told Saya about how he was following Morita by playing a guitar, she asks "Who's Morita?", much to Takashi's shock. He was then shown crying (comically) while saying Morita's name, showing that he has not completely gotten over his friend's death.