Mr. Maresato was the father of Alice Maresato.


He was the father of Alice Maresato. His first name is unknown. He worked as Newspaper Reporter. Also, he was the next door neighbor of Imamura. During the outbreak, he and Alice were searching to find somewhere safe, but he was stabbed and killed by paranoid surviors.


Nothing is known about his history except that he worked as a Newspaper Reporter and used to live next door to Imamura with Alice.


Although he appears to have somewhat of a bad temper, Alice's father is shown to be a very honorable man, putting the life of his daughter before his own even to his death.


He is first seen trying to take his Daughter to a safe area so they could evade the hordes of Them surounding the neighborhood near Rika's apartment. During their search, Alice and her father come across a house and Alice's father asks the people inside if they could allow them to enter and share the shelter with them. Unfortunatly, the survivors refuse and, in a fit of rage, Alice's father threatens to break the door down if they dont let them inside. As he raised his wrench in preperation for breaking the door down, the survivors agree to let them inside. As he thanked them, he was suddenly stabbed by one of the survivors inside. In his last breath, he told to his daughter that he loved her and told her to find somwhere to hide so she could be safe.