The Murata-tou (村田刀, Muratatou) is a Meiji era Gunto owned by Souichiro Takagi until he gave it to Saeko Busujima as an exchange for protecting Saya Takagi and the Kendo/Iaido training that he received from Master Busujima (Saeko's father) in the past.

In Episode 12, Saeko uses this sword (in place of her bokken and the katana that Takashi Komuro found in the shrine) after receiving it from Souichiro at the Takagi Estate.


The Murata-Tou is a Kissaki Moroha-Zukuri-style double-edged Katana made in the Tokyo Armory by General Murata (inventor of the Murata Rifle) during the Meiji Era as the first Gunto for the Imperial Japanese Army. According to Souichiro, Murata used this Gunto to cleanly cleaved a pig skull. Saeko would later wield this Gunto as her main weapon, cutting down large numbers of zombies with great ease.


  • The term "Kissaki Moroha-Zukuri" (切先両刃造) is literally translated as "double-edged sword point structure" and it describes a type of blade used in the twentieth century as cavalry sabers that were most commonly seen in Japanese military parades.
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