Naomi (ナオミ, Naomi) is a student at Fujimi Academy. She is the girlfriend of Takuzo and is in his group of survivors as they escape from the school.


Naomi is part of Takuzo's group that is saved by Takashi's team. Though they all try to escape, she sees Takuzo being killed and runs back to him, choosing to die with the person she loves.


Naomi has raven colored hair (dark blue in the anime) and has only been seen wearing the female Fujimi Academy uniform. She has freckles on both of her cheeks, shaped like downwards triangles.


Little is known of Naomi's history. She and Takuzo were possibly acquaintences of Yamada and were astounded by his artwork. Also, Naomi and her boyfriend apparently raised a stray cat for a time.


Naomi is very devoted to her boyfriend, Takuzo, instantly running back to die with him when he was bitten by Them.


Naomi is first seen with her boyfriend Takuzo, Kawamoto, and two other students fighting against Them, when they are rescued by the survivors. After confirming that none of them have been bitten, Naomi and the others accept Takashi's invitation to join them and escape the school.

Seeing that the front door was surrounded by a good number of Them, Takashi goes down to test Saya Takagi's theory that They only respond to sound. He tosses a shoe and lures Them away while gesturing for Naomi and the others to go. Just then, one of Takuzo's group accidently bangs his pole on the railing, attracting the attention of Them. Takashi shouts for them to run and they all make a dash for the bus.

While running with Saya, Naomi hears her boyfriend screaming and then sees him being eaten. Despite his last words for her to run, as well as Saya trying to stop her, Naomi completely loses her will to live and runs back to Takuzo, ending her life in the process.


  • Naomi's name is not said in the manga.
  • Naomi's death was not directly seen in either the anime or manga; the last shot of her shows her running back to Takuzo.
  • In some shots of the anime, Naomi does not have her freckles.
  • In the colored version of the manga, Naomi has black hair and hazel eyes. In the anime she has dark blue hair and grey eyes.
  • Naomi and Takuzo make a brief cameo in Extra Episode 01, running from Them amongst other students. They did not make an appearence during the same sequence in the anime.
  • There is an undead depiction of Naomi on the back cover of Volume 1.
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