The Nightstick is a collapsible, baton-like weapon carried by police officers in Tokonosu City. Rei Miyamoto acquires a nightstick along with the Smith & Wesson M37 Air Weight among two dead police officers. Asami Nakaoka later uses a similar nightstick at Taiei Shopping Town.


"I believe that in the past, collapsible nightsticks like this were made by Nobel Industries, but I do not know about these new longer ones." - Daisuke Sato

The nightstick is the standard police melee weapon. It is a blunt weapon, so it requires the user to destroy the skull with force.


The first nightstick was found in the corpses of the two dead police officers by Rei.

The second nightstick was Asami's primary weapon until Kohta gave her the pistol. She uses it once against a brief encounter with an infected.