Okada (岡田, Okada) was a student at Fujimi Academy and the friend of Kazu Ishii . He was bitten during the Outbreak and was treated by Shizuka Marikawa before becoming one of "Them."


As the infection began to make its way throughout the school, Okada was bitten by one of Them and taken to the nurse for treatment. Even after being stiched up, he succumbed to the infection and became one of Them. As he reanimated, he was killed by his friend, Kazu Ishii.


He had black hair, and he was first shown as one of Them. He didn't wear a gakuran jacket over a white long-sleeved shirt.


Nothing is known of Okada's history except that he and Kazu were friends before the outbreak began. 


Nothing is known about Okada's personality.


Okada is seen as one of Them in the nurse's office after being bitten. When he realizes that Okada is no longer human, Kazu uses some medical equipment to beat him down, begging for his forgiveness.

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