Rika Minami (南リカ, Minami Rika) is a sniper within the prefectural police and the best friend/roommate of Shizuka Marikawa.


Rika's anime appearance

Rika is the chief of first squadron in the prefecture police and an expert sniper in the Special Assault Team sent to clear the Tokonosu Offshore International Airport of any zombie stragglers. She is close friends with Shizuka and wishes to go and save her during the outbreak.


Rika is a tanned female with purple hair. It is shown that she wears a black combat suit with a bulletproof vest. She is also shown to be wearing a white choke collar along with shooting glasses. Underneath her combat uniform, she wears a white sports bra.


Nothing is known about Rika's history at the moment, except that she has been friends with Shizuka for a long time and that the two are roommates.


Rika's personality can be seen as straightforward and easy-going. She on many occasions, in both the anime and the manga, shows that she is very open about the subject of sex with Tajima, but she always rejects his advances. Also, she is a calm and collected individual who displays amazing sniping skills, as shown when she is mentioned as ranking within top 5 of the country's snipers. She is depicted as an honorable person and has deep respect for her comrades.


Streets of the DEAD

When the outbreak happens, Rika is ordered to the Tokonosu Offshore International Airport with Tajima (Rika's partner) to secure the area to allow flights to leave. The airport is mainly only filled with either VIPs of the area or maintenance workers. There is also a partial infection of Them on the island, despite the airport being an island. It is believed that someone among the families had been infected when arriving. She spends most of the day on her belly sniping Them off the runway to clear flights. She spends so much time on her stomach that her breasts begin feeling numb. She tells Tajima that she wants to head back into the city not for a lover, but for her friend.


Guns n' Dead

The days go by and all the planes are gone. She can't understand why they are sniping Them and not bombarding. She and Tajima are called back by their team leader and regroup to form a plan. They have a huge arsenal of weapons, but not enough people with training to use them. A plan is formed to use one of the fuel tankers, drive it through the undead spraying fuel, and set it on fire. Rika and Tajima take on this mission. She drives the tanker, using her skills in hot wiring a car she was taught while in traffic division; and Tajima sprays the fuel. Once further away, she becomes suspicious about why she hasn't heard from Tajima. She is shocked to find that Tajima has been bitten in the leg. She asks him if he has any last request, commenting on how they don't have the room for sex; but he admits he no longer even has the energy to feel up her breasts. He gives her his MP5 and stays to ignite the fuel, taking himself out with the tanker. She salutes before she leaves and tells him he was a great partner. She fights alone to return to the terminal.

Back at the airport, she reports what has happened and requests that if they survive the outbreak, that Tajima is to be posthumously promoted. Shortly after, Rika receives a phone call from Shizuka, who is on the run with some of her students and they have taken some of her guns. Before Rika can find out where Shizuka is, her cellphone suddenly fries in her hand. Looking to the sudden bright light in the sky, she quickly realizes the cause. A nuclear bomb that had earlier launched by some foreign nation detonated in the atmosphere and had sent out an EMP blast. All the electronics in the area are now dead. A panicked civilian asks her for help, but all she can only say that the nights are only going to get darker now.


Rika continues to defend this position until the JSDF arrives, and she is credited as one of the only reasons any humans survived. With her mission being complete, the only thing left for her now was to head into town and find Shizuka.


Rika Minami with a Heckler & Koch PSG-1

As a police officer in the SAT, Rika has access to a variety of firearms. The weapon she uses professionally is the Heckler & Koch PSG-1, an accurized semi-automatic version of the German G3 military rifle designed for competition, military, and police use. It's 1230mm long, weighs 7.2kg, and fires the 7.62x51mm NATO Cartridge. The Sighting system is the Hensoldt ZF6X42PSG1. Her sidearm is a 9mm SIG Sauer P226 pistol. It's equipped with a red-dot sight and tactical flashlight.

Rika owns several firearms, some of which, while assembled, are highly illegal in Japan. She has specially customized each weapon. She owns a Springfield M1A Super Match rifle, an Armalite AR-10T rifle modified to resemble a Knight's Armament SR-25, an Ithaca M-37 shotgun, and Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow. All of these weapons were kept locked at her home and were taken by the survivors with Shizuka. She also owns a Humvee M1025.


  • Rika's surname Minami means "south" (南).
  • In the anime, Rika and Tajima's mission to the tanker was taken out. But, it was skipped right to the scene that occured just before the EMP wave instead.
  • It was mentioned that Rika is one of the top 5 snipers in the Japanese Self-Defense Force, but it is not mentioned what her ranking is.
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