Saya Takagi (高城沙耶, Takagi Saya) is one of the main characters in Highschool of the Dead. Saya is a genius as her high level of intellect is her major contribution to the group, though it often causes her to be stubborn and very arrogant. She usually stays out of combat, preferring to think of strategies to help the others fight. However, this changes when the group prepares to leave the police station.


Saya first made her escape with fellow classmate Kohta Hirano. She is the daughter of an influential Uyoku dantai politician and her family is deeply involved in Japan's politics. A self-proclaimed genius, Saya's knowledge and deductive capabilities have allowed the group to escape from harm on multiple occasions. She was the first to conclude that "they" respond only to sound. Despite coming from a prestigious family, she despises her parents whom she thought had given up on her in the crisis. It was before their escape from the mansion that she managed to make up with her parents. Other than Rei Miyamoto, she is the only one who has a history with Takashi Komuro since they were children. Slightly self-conscious, she detests the fact that people neither address her by her first name nor look her in the eyes while speaking. The only exception to this is Kohta, with whom she has a strange relationship. Saya has grown very attached to Alice and acts like an older sister during the crisis. She does her best to keep Alice Maresato's innocence intact and will severely scold, anyone who would dare attempt to tarnish that to the any degree.


Saya's anime appearance

Saya is a teenage girl of under-average height with long pink hair which she mostly keeps in two pony tails on either side of her head. Her hair also has two thin, long bangs at the sides, two thin strands of hair over the left side of her forehead, and a spiky larger portion of hair covering the right side of her forehead. Saya has fierce orange eyes and furrowed eyebrows. She wore contacts at the beginning of the series, but because her contacts dried out she has worn glasses ever since. She also as a visible pointed tooth that appears at times in the right side of her mouth. Saya's physique is slender, however according to Morita she has bikini model sized breasts. Unlike the other female students in the group, Saya's attire has varied more from the school uniform and she has not worn it since leaving Rika Minami's apartment. While staying in the apartment she wears a light blue tank top with the hem ending above her navel and low-rise black sports shorts. After crossing the river, Saya changes into outfit similar to the school uniform, consisting of a white jacket with the zipper positioned below her breasts and underneath a black tank top, and a green miniskirt. She later wears a brown t-shirt over a black long-sleeved shirt, with the yellow letters "HQ" printed on it and the hem ending above her belly button. She also exchanges her skirt for dark green shorts with black suspenders.


Before the main events of the story, it is shown that Saya has been childhood friends with Takashi Komuro since kindergarten. Saya is the only female member of the group in Takashi's age range who he is not involved with on a romantic level. Kohta Hirano asked her out multiple times, but was turned down without a second thought. She also did this with Morita, ignoring him completely each of the three times he tried to talk to her. It is assumed that Saya was part of the swim club under a teacher that later attacked her as one of "them" during the initial Outbreak.


Saya tends to be a very mean and somewhat impolite person. Being a genius, Saya always considers herself right and because of this can be considered 'stuck-up'. Despite being this way, Saya has been shown to be a very caring person and looks out for the rest of the group, mostly Takashi Komuro. Saya also considers herself to be a mother figure or an older sister figure to Alice and will scold anyone who tries to ruin her innocence.

Saya's view of Kohta Hirano also changes throughout the series. She goes from thinking of him as a useless gun otaku to a respectful comrade. She also demonstrates hints of a developing romantic interest in Kohta, such as the visible jealousy she shows over his interest in Asagi and her volatile reaction when she assumed Kohta was going to seduce Shizuka when he asked for a condom. She also goes from calling him by his family name to his given name, a sign of closeness. 

Also, Saya's view of Takashi has changed. Originally she thought of him as "stupid" and criticized him of cutting class, but the two work well together and he follows her orders without complaining.


Saya telling Kohta to stay with her if he wants to survive.

Fujimi Academy

Saya is first seen in the hallway of the school when she finds Kohta Hirano and tells him to leave with her just as the outbreak is starting in the school (In the anime, Saya is first seen on the stairs with Takashi Komuro where she criticizes him for his regrets about Rei Miyamoto). As she and Kohta travel through the hallways, Kohta wonders who will save them, and Saya explains that nobody will since the police and Self Defense Force are probably dealing with the outbreak as well (this was originally in an omake chapter, but it was incorporated into the anime storyline). The two then enter the arts and crafts classroom to find supplies. Saya gathers many tools, including the gas-powered nail gun which she gives to Kohta and asks if he knows what to do with it. A group of them enters the classroom, and Saya hides behind Kohta as he shoots and kills them with the nail gun. They leave the classroom to continue their escape from the school.

Later, Saya is seen conducting an experiment in which she is throwing wet towels at one of "them". From this, she determines that "they" only respond to sound. Kohta complains about having to walk long distances as Saya begins leading the way through the

Saya and Kohta escaping a classroom

halls, and she says he is "such a fatass" and that he can't complain until he's old enough to drive. As they near the faculty room, they encounter another group of them. Kohta fights them, but he has to change magazines, and Saya is confronted by one of "them". She trips and falls down and momentarily panics, but then she pulls a power drill out of the bag, thrusts it into its head, and drills until she is covered in blood and there is not much left of the head. The other members of the group arrive and fight the remainder of "them" and then begin pleasantly introducing themselves. Saya gets angry that they acting so friendly and gets very defensive when they try to calm her. Saeko Busujima makes her look into a mirror, and she sees her bloodstained clothes and then begins to cry.

In the staff room, Saya is seen by Kohta taking her contacts out and putting on her glasses. She seems a little embarrassed by this. The group has a discussion about what is going on outside, during which Saya points out that the disaster is actually a pandemic. The group then decides to leave the school to find their families. As they make their way to the front doors, Saya informs the others that "they" only react to sound and are strong enough to "rip a door off its hinges".

Tokonosu City Streets

The group fight their way to the bus and get on it, along with Koichi Shido and some other students. When Takashi Komuro is harassed by another student on the bus and Kohta Hirano begins to raise the nail gun to defend him, Saya holds him back, not wanting the situation to get out of control. After Rei Miyamoto attacks the student, Shido says they need a leader, and then appoints the position to himself. Saya and the others are very unhappy and Rei leaves the bus, followed by Takashi.

Later, Saya is seen sitting on the bus in deep thought. She wakes up Kohta, who is sleeping in the seat next to her, and says that they should have moved away from the city and that densely populated areas would be most dangerous. She goes on to speculate about whether the Self Defense Force has secured certain areas and army bases from "them". She begins to think about how they can survive, and, when she mentions that she wishes Takashi was there for her to talk to, Kohta says she likes him, which she quickly denies. Saeko Busujima and Shizuka Marikawa join them, and the group decides to leave the bus. They tell Shido that they are leaving, but he won't allow Shizuka to go. Kohta grazes his cheek with the nail gun, then holds him there while they exit the bus.

Saya, Kohta, Saeko and Shizuka walk away from Onbetsu bridge and eventually meet up with Takashi and Rei, who are riding towards the bridge. Takashi tells Saeko he is glad to see her, and Saya gets angry, asking,"What about me?" The group decides to go to Shizuka's friend Rika's house, and when Saya says she wants to take a shower there, Kohta smugly says "yeah", and she kicks him. When they get to Rika's house, they encounter a group of "them", and Saya gives Takashi a crowbar to fight with.

Saya at Rika's home

Rika's House

Later that night, Saya is in the bathroom at Rika's house bathing with Rei, Saeko, and Shizuka. She is sitting next to Saeko and wonders why they all have to bathe together. Saeko sprays water on her and then tells her she has a nice voice when Saya screams. After the girls leave the bathroom, Saya is seen sleeping on a couch. Later, she appears to be having a strange dream in which there are three Kohta-like figures who are saying, "Takagi-saaan." When Takashi leaves to save Alice, Saya wakes up to the sound of the motorcycle and walks outside to investigate. When she realizes what is happening, she quickly wakes up Shizuka and then starts to gather supplies. She helps load the supplies onto the humvee, and the group leaves to pick up Takashi and Alice.

The next morning, Saya is sitting on the roof of the Humvee with Kohta and Alice, who are singing renditions of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", as they cross the river. When Kohta sings a gun parody version, Saya becomes very angry, telling him he shouldn't teach a child that kind of song. They reach the other side, and Saya and the other girls go behind the Humvee to change their clothes. Unlike Rei and Saeko, Saya does not change back into her school uniform. They reach the road and decide to go to Saya's house first, since it is the closest. As they approach her house, they encounter increasing numbers of "them", and they get the Humvee stuck against a rope fence in the road. Saya points out that all of "their" guts are making the tires slide. When she sees that the others are all fighting, she decides to help them, so she jumps out and picks up Takashi's gun. Kohta asks if she can use it, and she says she knows how because she is a genius. As Saya is loading the gun, Saeko smashes the face of one of "them" standing next to her, covering Saya in blood and bile. She snaps and yells out that she is not shy, not timid, and not a coward. She then asks how she could let herself die when her house is only a little farther. Just as Saya and the others realize the fight is hopeless, Saya's mother and some others from the Takagi house arrive wearing firefighter uniforms and blast all of "them" away. When Saya sees her mother, she is overjoyed and runs over to hug her.

Takagi Estate

At the Takagi house, Saya is seen having an argument with her mother. After the argument, she is walking away angrily when she sees Takashi. He addresses her as "Takagi" which causes her to yell at him to call her by her first name and not to bow his head like "any other guy would". She walks away from him even angrier than before. After calming down, she enters the garage and finds Kohta tinkering with the Ithaca. She tells him to have fun now because they will be leaving soon. When Kohta questions her, she tells him about the difficulties of securing water and electricity. Her family has decided to go to the plants and take full responsibility. Matsudo enters and tells Kohta he shouldn't be playing with a gun. When Saya questions him, he tells her he is working on the Humvee. Matsudo leaves and Saya tells Kohta he should take the guns to the adults, since they are in charge there. Kohta says they should discuss it with Takashi.

Saya and Kohta enter Rei's room, where the rest of the group is gathered, and Saya says she wants to talk. She tells the others that she probably wont be with them when they set out again. She begins to criticize her parents and says they are great but they deserted their own daughter. Takashi grabs her by the front of her shirt and lifts her up in front of him, telling her to stop. He tells her that they all feel the same way, and she is better off since she knows her parents are alright. Saya understands and tell Takashi to let go of her. Saya's father arrives and they witness his beheading demonstration. She and her father then briefly exchange angry looks with each other. When Kohta and Saeko get in an argument about swords, Saya tells him to calm down, but he gets angry and leaves. Saya then seems to get annoyed by Takashi and leaves as well.

Saya and the rest of the group defend Kohta

Later, Saya is looking around outside of the house for Kohta. She finds Saeko, who is kneeling beside a koi pond and admiring the koi inside. They talk about how happiness has been lost and the world as they know will never be the same. Saeko brings up that she killed a living person at the school. She said that it was supposed to be assisted suicide, but no child should have to do that. Saya says that she left her classmates behind to save herself and she doesn't think it was wrong. They are interrupted when they hear Souichiro yelling. He finds his men trying to take the guns away from Kohta. When he tries to get Kohta to give them up, the rest of the group arrives to defend him. Last to arrive is Saya, who tells her father that, though Kohta is a freak and a worthless gun otaku, he has been protecting her, unlike her father. Shortly after the confrontation, some of the people at the Takagi house start to speak out against Souichiro, and he tells Saya to go talk to them so he knows she is not a fool. She takes Takashi and Kohta with her and tries to reason with the people. They think that "they" are just people with a disease that makes them violent, which is what the government said, but Saya tries to explain that "they" are not human. The people are starting to believe her, but she accidentally mentions that she is Souichiro's daughter, and they will no longer listen to her. They say Saya and her friends are just "gun-waving high school brats", and that she is the daughter of a killer. The people leave and Saya, Takashi, and Kohta have a discussion about why they are acting that way, during which Saya says they are closing their eyes to reality. Kohta explains that they just want things to go back to the way they were before by any means necessary and that they won't recognize change because they can't accept their own foolishness. Saya says she sees him in a new way now. Takashi agrees with what Kohta says, which makes Saya say he has earned his place as their leader.

When Takashi and Rei are preparing to leave to find their parents, Saya asks if they are really planning to go alone even though he is the one who brought them all to her house. She looks a little upset as she asks this. Takashi assures her that they are not saying goodbye forever and that they will return when they find their families, and Saya looks a little less upset. Shido shows up at the house, and he and Rei have a confrontation. Saya, like the others, is relieved when she does not kill him. Soon after, Shizuka makes a call on Takashi's cell phone, but it stops working after an explosion is seen far off in the sky. Saya wonders why the phone broke, and when she sees that other things in the area have stopped working, she runs over to Rei and tells her to aim with her gun's laser sight. When Rei says she can't see the red dot, Saya realizes what has happened and tells her father that they need to change their plans. A man then runs through the gates and says that "they" are coming, and the gates are shut just before "they" enter. Saya's parents prepare to fight, and her mother gives her a Luger PO8 with a stock and a drum magazine. Saya says she doesn't know how to shoot, but her mother asks Kohta to teach her, and he quickly agrees. Takashi asks why cell phones and cars aren't working, noting that it happened after the weird light. Saya explains that it was an E.M.P. blast which was caused by a H.A.N.E. or high altitude nuclear explosion. She further explains that the electromagnetic pulse goes through the antennas of electronic devices and burns out their circuits, making them useless. Souichiro asks her if they can fix the equipment, and she says they would have to replace the fried parts. She then says that there is a chance that some cars weren't affected and that classic cars should still work. Souichiro tells her that he commends her for keeping her head, even in this chaos. "They" break through the gate, and Saya suggests they go inside the house, but her father says they would just break into there too. He then tells Takashi to leave with the others and tells Kohta that he is entrusting Saya to him. Saya is confused and yells at her father, but Yuriko that they have a role to play and that leaving her in the care of the others is the one thing they, as her parents, want for her. She says that the decision is killing them inside and to not make them suffer anymore. Saya says "I love you" to her parents, then runs off towards the ATV. The group escapes on the ATV while Saya's parents and their men hold Them off.

As the group escapes the Takagi house, they pass the students from Shidos bus on the road. Rei starts to ask what will happen to them, but Saya, who looks upset, tells her not to say anything more. Kohta then tells her not to let her guard down. Rei starts to get mad at him, but Saya says it's fine and he is right. They reach the highway and find it overrun with "them". Takashi wonders why it is like this, and Saya explains that "they" react to sound and the E.M.P. blast eliminated anything making sound in the inner city. Also, her parents were using dynamite and the ATV is making a lot of noise. Takashi and Saeko decide to use themselves as bait and leave alone in the ATV. Rei worries about them, but Saya tells her there is no other choice and they will be fine since Saeko went along. This doesn't make Rei happy. They then make their way to the meeting place at the mall.

Taiei Shopping Town

In the mall, Saya is seen with Kohta looking for food in the grocery store. Shimada gets angry at them for not following the rules, but Asami Nakaoka steps in and says tey haven't been there long enough to know the rules. She introduces herself and explains that officer Matsushima, who is her supperior, went to get help and left Asami in charge, and then goes to a meeting. Saya seems a bit apprehensive after hearing this. Takashi walks up with Alice and he and Saya have a discussion about hiding the guns from the people at the mall since they aren't as settled as the people at her parent's house. Kohta joins the discussion after Saya pulls him away from Alice. She tells the other two that the community in the mall won't last since the foundations that hold their group together have fallen apart. She starts to suggest ways to conserve water, but Alice cuts in to say they need running water so they can take showers and not get sick. Saya gets angry, asking why the little kid is trying to get involved. Alice responds that her voice was loud enough for her to hear, and she refers to her as "Saya-chan" instead of "Saya onee-sama", which makes her even angrier. She sends Takashi and Kohta to get supplies, and when they leave, she takes Alice with her to change their clothes.

After Takashi and Kohta give Asami the handgun, Saya walks up to them with Alice and wearing new clothes. She doesn't think giving Asami the gun is a good idea, doubting her ability to use it. Kohta says that she is a police officer so she should be trained to use a gun. Saya then asks what would happen if the people think she won't shoot and says they can't save everyone they meet. Alice gets her attention and asks her where Shizuka is, and they hear Shizuka scream. The four go to investigate the scream and find Asami pointing her gun at Shimada who was trying to rape Shizuka. Kohta strangles Shimada to prevent Asami having to shoot him.

Later, the group is having a discussion, and Rei is yelling at Takashi and wants to know when they will be leaving the mall. Saya tells her not to be angry at Takashi and that they have to plan ahead to reach their goal, which takes time. Saeko calms Rei down, and Kohta joins the discussion, asking Saya if there is any way some electronic equipment was shielded from the E.M.P. blast. He mentions equipment which is made for withstanding lightning and asks if that could withstand the blast. Saya tells him that its limit would be surpassed immediately. She also says that shelter would'nt work since buildings are designed so that electronic equipment inside can receive signals. Takashi asks her about cars, and she says that any car with an electronically controlled engine would not work, and there's also a chance that the engine's spark plug got fried. Kohta says that all they need is a spark plug and an old car, but Saya asks where they would find a spark plug. Takashi then suggests an old deisel car, but Saya tells him it would be hard to find and they would have to go around killing all of "them" in the area which would be a big delay. Saeko asks about things in a bank vault, and Saya tells her they might be okay. They decide to look in the bank vault and get some other supplies, but Saya asks what would happen if the other group wants what they find. The others look disappointed when they hear this, and Takashi says he doesn't mind sharing if they find two of the same thing. Saya then stands up and says they have their leader's orders and tells everyone to go find supplies.

Saya is next seen when the group is gathered around the bed of the old woman who needs a blood transfusion. After they find out what is wrong with the old woman and what she needs, Saya asks what they are going to do about it. Shizuka tells her they will get the blood from the clinic nearby. Saya then asks, "Why us?" Shizuka angrily tells her they need to help anyone they can, but Takashi says she will need regular tranfusions after this one and asks what she will do about the next one. The others agree, but Alice cries and asks Takashi if saving the old woman is too much, then why did they bother saving her. When Asami says she will go, they decide they should help, though Saya and Takashi still look a bit reluctant.

After they get back with the blood, Saya is seen with Rei and Saeko, and they are trying to help Alice ride a bike. Saya asks her if she would rather ride on the back of Kohta's bike, but she says she's fine. She takes off riding, making the three girls very nervous, but she is able to ride the bike very well. Saya wonders if she will let her ride on the back.

While Takashi, Kohta, and Asami have their discussion about the events at the clinic, Saya, Rei, and Saeko stand outside the room and listen. Saya is concerned with the way Kohta is behaving. She says he is seeing how savage people have become and he knows what it's like to kill someone, and these things can lead to P.T.S.D. Rei points out that they have been killing "them" and not humans. Saya tells her that's just what they have decided to think to protect their sanity. She then thanks whoever first thought of calling them "them" because they realized would have to keep fighting these "things" that look like people. Saya further explains that she accepted how everything had changed when she was with her parents. Saya then points out that there must be someone or something that helps Rei and Saeko deal with all the pain. She says that is what Takashi and Asami are doing for Kohta. Rei asks about Shizuka and Alice, and Saeko states Shizuka's contributions to the group. Saya begins to talk about Alice, but she and Shizuka arrive, and she pinches her cheek instead. Asami then opens the door and lets them inside. As they are walking inside, Rei says she's worried. Saya tells her she knows what she means and that Takashi and Kohta could lose it and become dangerous if things keep going like they are. Rei asks what they can do, and Saeko tells her they have to be companions to them.

Saya is later seen sitting with Alice while Kohta and Asami are talking. Alice tells her that it looks like Asami really likes Kohta, and Saya tells her it's weird. Alice begins to say something about Kohta and Saya, but Saya cuts her off, saying that she will teach her something. She says she always likes being the best, but she can't be the best at everything or she would have nothing. Alice tells her that she likes it when Saya is the best, but she calls her Saya-chan again so Saya punishes her and doesn't say anything else on the subject.

After Asami sees Matsushima has become one of "them" and runs off, Takashi announces to the group that the plan is to leave the next day. Kohta says that is a little sudden, and Saya tells him that if he disagrees he should say so. She then explains to him that the other people in the mall heard what Asami said, and they now know that nobody is coming to save them and that the police are useless. Kohta still looks upset but doesn't say anything.

The group later goes to pick up the guns, and they discuss their plans for when they leave the mall. They talk about going to Rei and Takashi's homes to find their parents, and Saya suggests that if they don't find them there, then they could look in the other places they might be like the elementary school and police station. Takashi tells the others they don't have to stay with him and Rei, but they won't leave the group. Kohta later runs off to find Asami, but he stops for a moment when he sees Saya. She has her arms crossed and looks annoyed, but she tells him it would be advantageous to have a police officer with them, and he runs off. Takashi looks at her confusedly, and she snaps at him, then she tells him that line of thinking will get in the way and he has his own relationships to worry about. She then says, "Blood is spilled in human relationships for two reasons: money and sex." Their conversation ends when they hear someone scream, "Don't underestimate me!"

While the group is preparing to leave, one of the men from the mall runs into Shizuka and then informs them that "they" have entered the mall. They see that the people are trying to barricade the escalators to keep "them" from reaching the second floor, but Saya points out that this won't work since they don't have enough time or people. She says there is an emergency exit on the second floor. The group decides to leave the people at the mall and go to the emergency exit. As they are escaping, they run into a group of "them" and quickly fight them off. Saya sees more coming from a different direction, so she pulls out her Luger and prepares to fire. Kohta quickly stops her, and when she gets angry at him, he tells her they are out of range and she hasn't had any practice with that gun so she won't be able to hit anything. He then says she didn't receive any orders to fire from their leader. Saya sarcastically apolologizes to Takashi, but he tells her she made a good observation and he should have noticed them. She makes a comment about him being the "main character" then points to more of "them" coming from another direction. They continue their escape, and Takashi orders Saya to cover Alice and Shizuka with Rei. They tell the other survivors they will be on their own and move out. When Asami gets firecrackers to use as a distraction, Saya is frustrated that she didn't think of that. Alice asks what she is mad about, and Saya yells, "Because I'm me!" As they prepare to cross the parking lot, Saya thinks of a strategy to help them cross. It is a formation in which Shizuka and Alice are in the center, Takashi and Saeko are in front, Asami and Kohta are at the back, and Rei and herself are on the left and right sides. She says it is a formation used by the U.S. military in Vietnam and Iraq. Shimada asks her what will happen if they get swarmed, and she tells him they will use firecrackers to keep them away. The group runs down the stairs to cross the parking lot. They lose Shimada and Asami along the way as they go to save a kid from the mall. Asami is surrounded and Kohta has to shoot her to keep her from becoming one of "them".

After the group crosses the parking lot, Kohta carelessly shoots all of "them" in sight, making the rest of the group worry. Takashi tells him to stop and Saya says he will draw more towards them. He won't listen and she asks if he is crazy. He turns around and points the gun at her and Takashi, but then shoots one of "them" behind them. Saya angrily tells him to get a hold of himself and slaps him. When his attitude still does not change, she slaps him again, knocking his glasses to the ground. She yells at him and is about to slap him again, but he begins to cry and talks about shooting Asami. As Kohta is sitting on the ground, the others decide to put off going home and go to the police station instead. As they get close, Saya notes that there are gunshots coming from the direction of the station. They are hopeful that the police are okay, but then Kohta says he won't be going with them. Shizuka rides over to him and acts like a military officer to get him to rejoin the group, and Saya is in disbelief that the method actually worked. The group continues on towards the east police station.

East Police Station

Saya is next seen fighting "them" as the group reaches the police station. While fighting, she states that she hates "persistent bastards like these!" They find the police station deserted. Rei gets upset, and as Takashi tries to calm her, Kohta whispers into Saya's ear, and she tells the others that there are tire tracks in the parking lot and road. They start to discuss how the police had working cars, and Saya tells them it doesn't matter since they were gone before the group left the mall. They go inside the station and find it empty. Saya points out that all of the other entrances have been closed. Takashi tells them they will find ammo and weapons and then look for Rei's father, and he then asks Saya if they should anything else in mind. She asks if he wants her to do all the thinking for him to which he responds that leaders usually have a staff to help them strategize. Saya sees the map and looks on it to find where the guns might be. There is no armory labeled, so she says they should just search the first floor. They get to a locked door which they presume is the armory, and when they can't get through the lock, Saya pulls a large drill out of her bag and gives it to Kohta, who is very grateful. They enter the armory and find that all of the guns have been taken. Saya realizes that the police were deployed throughout the city and must have taken the guns with them, and she is mad that she did not think of this sooner. They decide to search the evidence room, so they climb the stairs and make their way there. Inside the evidence room, they find several guns as well as a working flashlight. Seeing this, Saya realizes that electric things that run on dry-cell batteries still work, and she is angry at herself for not realizing this at the mall. She says that she is losing her edge and turning stupid. Kohta tells her not to be hard on herself and that they aren't expecting her to think of everything. They gather their supplies and leave the room, and Saya asks Rei where the communication tower is. Rei says it's on the top floor, so the group runs to the stairs and makes their way to the top floor.

The group reaches the communication room, and they enter after Kohta checks that the room is clear. Alice sees a computer that is on, and Saya knocks Kohta out of the way to get to it. She tells the others that the J-alert, Japan's nationwide emergency warning system, is still working, and it is probably getting power from a backup generator. Saya searches on the computer, but she can't figure out how to access the information they need. Alice presses a button on the keyboard, and Saya scolds her, but then commends her when details on the evacuation plan that has been put in place for Tokonosu are accessed. Saya informs the others that the SDF is implementing an evacuation of Tokonosu, and they quickly set out to leave the station.

As they run down the stairs, Saya explains to the others that the evacuation is taking place for several hours during the afternoon of the day after tomorrow. She then tells them that it is taking place at Shintoko Third Elementary School, where Takashi's mother is supposed to be. They decide to find Rei's father first and go to the Public Safety Division. Takashi asks Saya and Kohta to help search the room for signs of Rei's father. During the search, Saya notes that none of the computers are working. They eventually find the message from Rei's father and end their search. While the others are happy for Rei, Saya looks angry. When Kohta addresses her, she says she won't kill the mood this time, but she then points the gun at kohta's head. As Kohta becomes scared, she tells him she hasn't even used the gun once because she didn't want the noise to attract "them," and she is beginning to feel useless. She lowers the gun and angrily explains to him that she has been watching him and wants to start fighting like he does. She looks a bit surprised when Kohta gives her the MP5 and tells her about how easy it is to aim with at close range. Saya tosses him the Luger and tells him not to lose it. The two smile at each other for a moment, but, when Takashi says something, she slaps Kohta for looking at her like that. Saya carries the MP5 as they leave the station and find that it is about to rain outside. They decide to go to a convenience store to get ponchos. Rei points out the direction, and they set out towards it.


Saya is not in any martial arts classes, but she is willing to fight. At the school Saya uses an electric drill on a Zombie, But later she uses the Ithaca model 37 shotgun to fight off the zombies when they are stuck at the Humvee. When the zombies invade the Takagi Estate, Saya's Mother gives her a Luger P08 Pistol. After the Gang raids the police station, she expresses her desire to fight more and exchanges her Mothers Luger for Kohta's MP5SFK.

Killed Victims

  • Seto (zombified)
  • Numerous counts of them


  • "Do you want to die or do you want to live?" (To Kohta).
  • "Fear causes chaos, and chaos can destroy the order in society."
  • "Hey Lardo, you shouldn't teach those kinds of songs to little kids!" (To Kohta after he sung his gun-themed rendition of "Row Row Your Boat").
  • "How could I just die!? What kind of person would let themselves die!?"
  • "Of course it's not like they forgot about their daughter! She's the apple of their eyes!" (Referring to her parents).
  • "You're so stupid Takashi but at least you know you're stupid, stupid!".
  • "Mother will have to take this to the dry cleaners now."(After her clothes get covered in blood.)
  • "Don't bastardize mother goose!"(To Kohta after he sung his gun-themed rendition of "Row Row Your Boat").
  • "Hey you fat otaku" (Saya's usual greeting to Kohta)


  • Saya's surname Takagi means "high", "tall" (高) and "expensive" (taka) and "tree" (gi) (木).
  • In Morita's Report, he ranks Saya #1 for the 2nd-years and notes how she has bikini model sized breasts.
  • Saya has been asked out by Morita three times and has turned him down each time.
  • In "Extra Episode 3: Dead Illusion", when Takashi Komuro plays the guitar for Saya and Alice Maresato, Takashi comments that the song he is playing is Morita's, but Saya only blatantly asks "Who is Morita?!", despite rejecting him 3 times when he was alive.
  • In the first two chapters, as well as certain panels in chapter 3, of the manga version, Saya's bangs on the sides are considerably longer then they are in later chapters.
  • Out of Takashi's group, Saya is the only female within Takashi's age range that he has not shown romantic feelings or attraction towards.
  • Despite both her parents being tall, she is still rather short in stature. However, she did inherit Souichiro Takagi's (Saya's father) fiery orange eyes.
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