Shimada (島田, Shimada) is one of the survivors the group encounters in the mall. He attempted to rape Shizuka Marikawa, but then he tried to redeem himself by saving a kid in the parking lot.


Shimada is one of the survivors that reside within the mall. At first Shimada seems to be a villain, but turns out to be quite honorable before his demise.


Shimada appears wearing a black touque, white shirt, work boots, and black jacket with black pants. He also bears a fierce expression whenever talking to other people.


Shimada made a living as a construction worker before the Outbreak. When the Outbreak started, Shimada and several other survivors were barricaded into the Taiei Shopping Town by officer Matsushima and her junior, Asami Nakaoka.


Although at first he is portrayed as a very aggressive male who seems constantly angry and a rapist, Shimada is in fact very respectable in his actions during his failed attempt to escape the mall with Takashi Komuro and his group.


Shimada found Kohta Hirano and Saya Takagi while they were looking to cook some meat. He told them that the mall survivors were planning to smoke or dry the raw meat and that they need to follow the rules. He is reprimanded by Asami Nakaoka when she tells him that the kids had only been in the mall for a day and that they would not know all the rules yet. She tells him to finish gathering the food since it will be harder to get attention without the skylights, which were fried during an EMP wave. Shimada grits slightly before going back to his "shopping".

Later, Shizuka Marikawa approaches him and asks for a place to sleep. Shimada takes her to a matress store and tries to force himself onto her. Licking his lips, Shimada tells her that with all of Them roaming around, he won't find another woman with breasts like her's. To ensure her "cooperation" he takes out a knife and threatens Shizuka. Before he can do anything, Asami appears behind Shimada and points her gun at him, telling him to let Shizuka go. Seeing Asami shaking, Shimada dares for her to shoot him. Smirking at her cowardness, Shimada does not notice Kohta approaching him until the boy takes some barbed wire and wraps it around his neck, gagging him. He tells him that wire is barbed, so trying to pull it off is useless and threatens to kill him if he disobeys Asami's orders again. Letting Shimada go, he coughs violently until Takashi ties him up and puts him somewhere secure.