Simon (才門, Saimon) is a gas station clerk at Sevenson Station.


Simon as he appears in the Anime

Simon works at the Sevenson Station as a clerk in the convenience store. He blankly stares into space and does not appear to be aware of his surroundings.


Simon has blonde hair and a short mustache and goatee. He wears a white shirt, red tie, and an apron with a nametag on it.


Rei Miyamoto once visited the store when Simon was there. He just quitely stood there and stared while Rei bought an ice cream cone.


Simon seems bored and unmoved by everything around him. He simply stares blankly into space, even when Shizuka rams into one of "them" in front of his store. A picture of him in the ending credits of the third anime episode shows that he was like this even before the Outbreak, though for how long exactly is unknown.

Whether he even knows about the outbreak is debatable, as the store he works in is on a quiet road with the only one of 'them' about dressed for a quiet day of fishing.


Simon is seen staring into space behind the register as one of Them approaches the store. Before it can reach him, a minibus from Fujimi Academy driven by Shizuka Marikawa plows into it while speeding by. Simon doesn't even respond to it as the bus continues to drive onwards.

Later, when Takashi Komuro's group enters the Sevenson Station for supplies, Simon is nowhere to be found. The store also appears to have been somewhat looted. Whatever became of him is unknown, though he likely escaped from the store or turned into one of "them".


  • Simon is one of the many zombie film references in the series. He looks remarkably similar to Shaun from the movie "Shaun of the Dead." Additionally, there is a cricket bat beside him (the bat was not shown in the anime) which is the weapon Shaun uses. The blank stare is also a trademark of Shaun in the film.
  • He shares his name with Simon Pegg, the actor who wrote and played Shaun in "Shaun of the Dead."
  • His name was translated as Zaimon in Yen Press' English version of the manga.
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