The Springfield M1A1 Super Match is a semi-automatic rifle owned by Rika Minami. She has modified the gun to include features such as a scope with a laser sight. The M1A1 is primarily used by Rei Miyamoto, who uses the attached bayonet as a spear, but has been used by Kohta Hirano and Takashi Komuro briefly.


"There are actually very good reasons they took out the rapid-fire function even in the M14's used by the American Marines. With a fully-automatic gun, the user is easily knocked down from the recoil, and it becomes difficult to aim properly with the barrel jolting all over the place, and of course it is also very wasteful." - Daisuke Sato

Gun Upgrades

Just like the other guns owned by Rika Minami, the M1A1 is upgraded with external parts:

  • M900 Surefire Vertical Foregrip WeaponLight
  • Aimpoint CompM2 Red-dot sight
  • Desert Warrior M14 Cheek Rest
  • Magpul Magazine Loops*
  • Troy Battle Rail


The gun was found in the Locker of Rika Minami's house. Kohta inspects this weapon first. It is then taken by Rei to use as a spear, because of its bayonet. Rei is always seen using it as a spear, but it was fired once. When the group was pinned down at a wire blockade, Takashi makes a desperate attempt to fight back by shooting "them" with it. He misses every shot, and as it was on Rei's breasts, she sustained injuries from the recoil. The red dot sight does not work due to the EMP and has since been removed. She still uses it as a spear.


  • Although it is Rei Miyamoto's primary weapon, she has never fired it as she only uses the Bayonet knife instead.
  • While the information given on the rifle is correct, a custom part of the rifle that was overlooked was the flash suppressor/bayonet lug. As of 1994, no M1A Springfield Rifle, with the exception of military, has been manufactured with a bayonet lug. Though the assault weapons ban in the U.S. has expired back in 2004, they are still not manufactured with a bayonet lug. Instead one would have to separately buy the pre-ban, or custom Flash Suppressor with a bayonet lug on it. In this case, even though Rika is with the SAT, she still technically bought a civilian version of the rifle, as one can tell by looking at the stock of the M1A Springfield.
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