Tadashi Miyamoto (宮本忠, Tadashi Miyamoto) is the father of Rei Miyamoto and is a detective working for the public safety department.


Nothing is known about Tadashi's Appearance. He has not made a physical appearance in either the manga or anime yet.


Tadashi Miyamoto is a police detective who conducted an investigation on Ichirou Shido, a corrupt politician. In order to humiliate and get Tadashi to back off, Ichirou phoned his son, Koichi, to have Rei repeat the grade. Tadashi was devastated and pinned the blame solely on himself, telling his daughter that it was his fault that she had to repeat the grade (though Rei revealed to Shido that she knew the truth all along). He told her that he would be able to arrest the Shidos if his investigation went smoothly. Before the police could find evidence to convict Ichirou, however, the Outbreak occured.


Rei describes Tadashi as a proud man who "never once knew failure" before Shido flunked his daughter, causing him to blame himself and telling his daughter that it was his fault that she had to be held back a year. It can be interpreted from Rei's annecdote that Tadashi is a genuine man who admitted his indirect part in causing Rei being held back a grade, and his subsequent apology further supports the evidence that he is a genuine individual.


When the outbreak happened, Rei decided to call her father using Takashi's cellphone, but the signal was too weak for Rei 's voice to go through; Tadashi's voice was loud and clear on Takashi's cellphone. His last words to his daughter via cellphone were to escape Tokonosu and find a place to hide. In Chapter 28, his handwriting is found on a whiteboard warning anyone in the station to head to the school for a evacuation and at the end of said chapter, a man in the background is asking for a "Assistant Inspector Miyamoto", indicating he is still alive and one of the men running the the survivors at the school.