Takayama (高山, Takayama) was a P.E. teacher at Fujimi High School.


Takayama teaches physical education at Fujimi High School. In a photo seen during the ending credits to the anime, he is seen sleeping with a baby, most likely his son.


Takayama is short and slightly pudgy. He has yellow hair and wears a black jacket with a high collar and black pants.


Nothing is known about Takayama's history.


Takayama doesn't have a strong will, and he quickly has a mental breakdown after the outbreak at the school.


Takayama is first seen flipping the zombified students, thinking that it was effective, only to be quickly proven wrong. He fight them with his Judo style, but more of the students become "them". Later he is seen by Takashi, Hisashi, and Rei when they secure themselves on the roof. They see him being surrounded by "them" on the edge of the roof. He completely loses his sanity and convinces himself that he is in a bad dream, and that he just needs to wake up. He climbs over the edge of the roof and jumps off, and dies upon impact on the ground below.


  • In the anime, the scene with Takayama using judo on one of Them was not included. Also, the sequence of his suicide on the roof in front of Takashi and his friends was changed to him walking inside one of the hallways in the school. He then jumps out one of the windows and dies, without the students seeing it happen.