Taniuchi (谷内, Taniuchi) is a student from Fujimi Academy and one of Koichi Shido's followers.


Taniuchi escapes with Shido and a few other students. She and the others (except for the original six members of Takashi Komuro's group) vote Shido as their leader, only to be brain washed by Shido's evil tricks. It is highly implied that she is bisexual.


Taniuchi has magenta colored hair (dark blue in the anime) and blue eyes covered by a pair of glasses. She has always been seen wearing the female sailor uniform of Fujimi Academy. During her sex with Kawamoto and Miura she is shown to wear a light-blue bra underneath.


Nothing is known about Taniuchi's past except that she used to be a member of Shido's track team with Tsunoda, Kawamoto, Yuuki Miku, and Yamada.


Not much is known about Taniuchi's personality. From what has been seen of her so far, she appears to be bisexual since she had sex with both Kawamoto and Miura at the same time. She also is highly infatuated with Shido as shown when she blushed when the teacher hugged her and Kawamoto to comfort them. Though she may appear to be somewhat friendly and innocent, she has become quite cruel due to her admiration for Shido, laughing at Yamada as he tried to come back on the minibus.


There isn't much that Taniuchi has said or done, but, like the other survivors who follow Shido, stay with him and vote with him no matter what it is.

Taniuchi hugs Shido.


  • Taniuchi's hair is colored magenta in the color version of the manga while in the anime it is dark blue.
  • Taniuchi's last name has never been said in the anime or the manga. It was only revealed in her character profile in Highschool of the Dead: TV Animation Complete File, a year after the anime wrapped production.
  • The scene of Taniuchi and Kawamoto being hugged by Shido was not present in the manga.
  • Random Trivia: The Kanji of her name mean 'In a valley", possibly because just as one in a valley is between two mountain ranges she is between heterosexuality and homosexuality.
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