Tate (建) is a teenage survivor who tries to cross Onbetsu Bridge during the Outbreak. He and his friends attend a different high school from that of the main characters.


Tate has shoulder-length black hair (brown in the anime) and brown eyes. Under his gakuran, he wears a red shirt.


Nothing is known about Tate's history.


From what little was seen of him, Tate appears to be rude and inconsiderate, telling a woman with her baby to "move it" during the blockade on the bridge. Whether or not he was like this before the Outbreak is unknown.


Tate, along with Hide and two girls, appears to have been looting before he reaches Onbetsu Bridge as Hide carries a small bag stuffed full of yen notes. The four are seen trying to cross Onbetsu Bridge after they shove a young woman holding her baby, telling her to stay out of the way. The police stationed on the bridge warn the quartet to stop crossing the bridge or they will use force. Hide back talks to him, and the police use a water cannon to push Tate and his friends off the bridge. It is unknown if any of them survived the fall.


  • Tate's hair is silver in the color version of the manga, while in the anime it was colored black.
  • In the manga and anime, the order in which Tate and his friends get blasted off the bridge differs somewhat. In the manga, Tate and Hide are the first to be fired off, with the girls following soon after. In the anime, however, though Hide is still one of the two who gets blasted off first, it is the black-haired girl who was with them who falls with Hide instead of Tate, who gets shot along with the blonde-haired girl shortly thereafter.
  • Tate's name was never said in the manga or anime. It was only revealed in his character profile in Highschool of the Dead: TV Animation Complete File.