Teshima (手島, Tejima) was a Physical Education teacher at Fujimi Academy and the first person at the school to become one of "them." He had been seen in a bar wth fellow teacher Kyoko Hayashi, suggesting that the two had some sort of relationship outside of work.


Teshima was a tall man with black hair. He wore a light blue shirt with a high collar and black pants.


Teshima's history has not been revealed.


Teshima seemed to be a bit arrogant and overly aggressive. When he, Kyoko Hayashi, and the other teachers encountered the strange man at the gate, he immediately resorted to intimidation and violence despite Hayashi's protests.


When a strange man is seen at the gates of Fujimi High School, Teshima goes with Hayashi and two other teachers to investigate. Hayashi begins to tell the man to leave, but Teshima cuts in and says they just need to "show him who's boss." He rolls up his sleeves, walks over to the gate, and grabs the strange man, who is actually one of "them," by the shirt, pulling him against the bars of the gate. He begins to threaten the strange man. As Hayashi tells Teshima to stop, severed fingers fall out of the strange man's mouth. It bites Teshima's arm, and he becomes the first person at the school to be bitten by one of "them." The bite takes a very large chunk out of his arm, and he falls to the ground writhing in pain and bleeding profusely. The other teachers run over to him and attempt to help him, but he is soon dead. As Hayashi and the others begin to wonder why he died from such a small wound, Teshima comes back as one of "them." Hayashi is relieved and asks if he is all right, but he grabs her, pulls her towards him, and bites her on the neck.


  • In the official English translation of volume one by Yen Press, this character's name is Teshima. However, in the credits of the anime, his name is spelled as Tejima. The kanji in his name can be translated as either one.
  • In the anime, Teshima's hair color is changed to a lighter shade of black. Also, his build is slightly more lean than in the manga.
  • Because of Teshima's actions, he inadvertently caused the deaths of almost everyone in the entire academy
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