The Thug (凶悪犯, Kyōaku-han) was a man who attempted to kidnap and rape Rei Miyamoto in front of the Shaun gas station.


He had tan skin and braces. He dressed in a T-shirt with DUNK written on the back, basketball shorts, and laceless sneakers. He also had an earring on one ear, two necklaces, a watch, a ring on his right middle finger, two rings on his left middle and ring fingers, and he wore a handkerchief tied on his head, covered with a white baseball cap. He appeared to be of African descent, hence his skin tone, his appearance also resembled a rapper.


He mentions having a family while he is threatening Takashi. Apparently all of them, including his mother, father, grandmother, brother, and little sister, became "them" and he was forced to kill them. This incident made him go insane, and inspired him with an intense hate of "them." He was seen cleaning a silver car while his younger sister returned home from school.


He was shown to be psychotic and perverted. He was also shown to be selfish as he cared for nothing more than his own safety and his own tragedy. This was particularly highlighted when he groped Rei.

His personality and demeanor before the outbreak is unknown. It could be interpreted that he was more civil before the outbreak, due to his claim that he became insane only because he had to kill his entire infected family and because his demeanor is a more positive one in the picture present in the ending credits of the anime where he is smiling as he is washing a car as his younger sister comes home from school.


He ambushes Rei while Takashi is in the store. He also gropes her and attempts to force Takashi into giving him all the money that Takashi had taken from the store along with the motorbike. However, Takashi tricks the thug when he's stepping away from the motorbike and shoots him in the shoulder with a pistol given to him by Rei. Takashi and Rei leave him to deal with a dozen of "Them" that are walking out of the darkness into the gas stations light, as the two leave the station. He gets brutally mauled by several of "Them", dies of massive blood loss, and reanimates as one of "Them" when the sun rises, a few hours later.

Killed Victims

  • Unnamed father (zombified)
  • Unnamed mother (zombified)
  • Unnamed grandma (zombified)
  • Unnamed brother (zombified)
  • Unnamed little sister (zombified)
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