Tokonosu City is the city where Takashi Komuro and Co. all live.


Tokonosu City is a fairly large city in Japan. It has its own offshore international aiport and a local shopping mall. The police work out of the East and Higashi Police Station. Fujimi Academy is the local high school. The Takagi Estate is located within the city and home to the nationalist leader and his family. A park is also located along the river. Shintoko Third Elementary School is one of the city's elementary schools. There are also Sevenson stores and gas stations located throughout the city.


Here most of the action takes place in the series. Later, it turns that the city is connected to an island on which someone illegally cultivated herbs. By the beginning of the outbreak the city was mostly overrun with Them. The city was so overrun that the Self Defense Force made plans to evacuate the surviving citizens.

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