Toshimi Niki (仁木敏美, Niki Toshimi) is a student at Fujimi High School and is best friends with Misuzu Ichijou.


Toshimi is very close friends with Misuzu Ichijou, and the two are rarely seen apart from one another.


Toshimi has brown hair (black with a blue tint in the anime) tied in a pigtail and is slightly combed in the front. She wears the standard female uniform of Fujimi Academy. She wears striped yellow panties with lace and tied in the front.


Nothing is known about Toshimi's history except that she and Misuzu have apparently been close friends for a long while.


Toshimi is shown to be very loyal and trusting of her best friend Misuzu, and she is shocked when Misuzu turns on her.


During the outbreak at the school, Toshimi is seen running down a hallway while holding Misuzu's hand as the two make their escape. They are attacked by a group of "Them", and Toshimi is pulled away and bitten. She desperately clings to Misuzu's hand, thinking her friend will help her. She is devastated when Misuzu tries to let go of her hand and kicks her away to try and save herself. However, Misuzu also gets attacked, and both girls are killed.


  • In the manga, Toshimi has brown hair while Misuzu has black hair. In the anime, however, the colors were reversed so that Toshimi had black hair while Misuzu's was brown. In addition, while green in the manga, Toshimi's eyes are light blue in the anime.