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  • Act.30 Intellect, Emotion, and DEAD

Act.30 Intellect, Emotion, and DEAD


Act.30 Title Page

Summary: At the Elementary School, a Police Officer and his companion begin sniping zombies in order to entice nearby survivors seeking protection to come. Meanwhile, fear drives survivors at the school to accuse a man of being bitten. The frightend mob almost kills the man before the timely arrival of the Police Officer. In the Sea of Japan, the SDF fleet plans the evacuation of Tokonosu as well as the impending danger of Chinese submarines. Rika Minami requests to be dropped off on the Mainland before the rescue, stating that Tokonosu is her town. Before leaving, Rika is offered as many guns from the weapon surplus as she can carry, an offer which she eagerly accepts (taking all of the surplus guns). Elsewhere, the group comes across a horde of zombies. Takashi decides to muscle through the horde, and orders the group to open fire. At the Elementary school, the gunshots are heard.

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