Yamada (山田, Yamada) was a student at Fujimi Academy and was briefly of the students in Koichi Shido's group, although he ultimately did not wish to follow Shido.


Yamada was part of Shido's group when they escaped Fujimi Academy. Though loyal to Shido at first, Yamada began to doubt Shido's words of preservation during the bus orgy and was kicked off the bus as a nonbeliever as a result.


Yamada's Anime Appearance.

Yamada did not wear a gakuran jacket over a long white-sleeved shirt. He had short black hair and light brown eyes.


Little is known about Yamada's history. He was apparently friends with Takuzo and Naomi and suprised them with his artwork. Yamada, along with Tsunoda, Yuuki Miku, Kawamoto, and Taniuchi, were part of Shido's track team before the Outbreak.


Though he originally seemed quite loyal to his teacher when he first applauded for Shido, as the teacher got more fanatical with his speeches and promises, Yamada immediately saw that something was wrong and voiced his disaproval. Out of all of Shido's followers, he put the safety of his family first ahead of Shido's ideals, which ultimately led to his death.


Yamada is first seen with Shido's other students as they run to the bus. They all manage to get on the bus and escape the school. Later, after a conflict between Tsunoda and Takashi Komuro that nearly results in violence, Shido uses the event to nominate himself as leader, which causes Yamada and the others to applaud in approval.

Later, after all members of Takashi's original group leave the bus, Shido has his followers conduct in sexual intercourse in order to repopulate the planet. Yamada, however, according to Tsunoda, "stays quiet" and doesn't "play" with any of the girls. He complains about not being able to see his parents, which Tsunoda and Yuuki both taunt him for by having sex in front of him. Shido convinces the rest of the students to cast Yamada out for the sake of the new world. With that, Tsunoda and Miura, at Yuuki's suggestion, grabbed Yamada and threw him out of the bus. Yamada desperately tried to get back on, but the other students just laugh at him until he is assaulted and killed by one of Them.


  • In the manga, though he was intended to be a part of Shido's group who escaped in chapter 2, Yamada didn't make an actual appearence in the manga until chapter 12. He was shown in the anime's equivelent scene, however.
  • The scene about Yamada being kicked off the bus was greatly shortened and altered in the anime. Though his being kicked off the bus was not shown, Yamada was shown banging on the door to the bus, asking for Shido's forgiveness. The corrupt students ignore his cries as he is grabbed and killed by Them.
  • Random Trivia: The kanji for his name mean "mountain farm".
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