Yoshioka (吉岡, Yoshioka) is a member of Tokonosu prefecture's ultra-nationalist organization under Souichiro Takagi. He resides at the Takagi Estate after the Outbreak.


Yoshioka is a relatively tall man with a white dress, white shoes and short brown hair.


Nothing is known about Yoshioka's history except that he has been a member of Tokonotsu prefecture's ultra-nationalist organization for some time. He served under Souichiro alongside Tetsutarou Doi and other retainers. It is assumed that he is one of Souichiro's righthand men since he is usually seen standing aside him and his wife, Yuriko during important events.


Unlike most of the other retainers, Yoshioka is more calm and reasonable. He told Kohta to hand over his weapons and that he should not keep so many weapons for himself, though Kohta instantly refused. He also shown to have some respect for the Shido family as he praises Koichi for his "heroics" by saving his students. It is unknown how he thinks of them now after Rei Miyamoto revealed the Shidos' corrupt nature.


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