Zeke (ジーク, Jīku) is a puppy found by Alice Maresato and taken in by Takashi Komuro's group, making him the only unofficial member. Before the events of the main story Zeke was shown to have belonged to a young lady; the status of whom is currently unknown but presumably dead or somehow became one of "Them". Despite being small, Zeke is shown to be brave and energetic willing to protect Alice when being attacked by "them". Throughout the series, Zeke has shown to have acute senses, and is often the first to detect the presence of "them" before the other survivors. Zeke's name was given to him from Kohta Hirano who derived it from the American Army's codename for the Mitsubishi Zero fighters from WWII, "Zeke". And shown in the anime "them" never really attacked Zeke but just walked past him.



A small puppy with white coat and black ear flaps. He also wears a red dog collar with a bone ornament that hangs at its front.


Zeke's owner prior to the apocalypse.

Before the outbreak, Zeke was owned by a young lady who's name and status is unknown but is presumably dead or either became one of "Them".


Brave and energetic willing to protect Alice and the group when being attacked by "Them".


Rika's House

Zeke is first shown running around the street barking near Rika Minami's house, later to be heard by Rei and Takashi. Zeke is later shown guarding Alice while Takashi is rescuing her, while walking on the fence from the yard that Takashi saved Alice from, Zeke starts to lick Takashi's chin risking him to fall off. Luckily, Takashi stays up.


  • In the English dub for the anime, Zeke's name is changed to "Zero", after the fighter planes used by the Japanese during World War II. Kohta bases the name on 'Zeke' being "fast and small", much like the plane in question. Note that "Zeke" and "Zero" are both nicknames for the same aircraft, the Mitsubishi A6M "Navy Type-Zero" fighter, Allied reporting name "Zeke" and more commonly known as the "Zero".
  • During the end credits a picture of Zeke can be seen with a woman in a yellow dress, presumably his owner.
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